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Take control of your procurement, purchasing, and management through Yurpal: the fastest way to get the materials you need, when you need it, at the best price.

Yurpal® – The Cloud Product Procurement Platform

With Yurpal, you now have the ability to find exactly what building materials you need for your project. Using Yurpal’s patent pending Reciprocal Search Algorithm, automate your bill of materials and purchasing processes using our network of qualified vendors to find the products you need at the lowest market price, every time. No matter the size of your project, Yurpal makes procurement seamless.

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Centralize your procurement needs with Yurpal – where everything you need is built into one easy-to-use platform.
Yurpal’s powerful cloud computing and unique search algorithms automates the process of comparing quotes, materials, vendors, and more.

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By simply submitting your project on Yurpal.com, you can greatly decrease the amount of time it takes to find the best pricing on the building materials you need at any time.

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