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Invoice Number YI-0006628
Invoice Date January 7, 2022
Total Due $61140.00
Federal Aviation Administration

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WSA Engineering Services

PROJECT: RENO Airport Tower

Description: Scaffolding for Reno Tower Deck Drawings for cantilever section.

QUOTED from factory. “To be able to respect what we see in the plan, we absolutely need to build a custom solution for the cantilever section.”

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Delivery Address:

Reno-Tahoe RENO International Airport, 755 S Rock Blvd, Reno, NV 89502


Two standard steel Baker frames are used to make the two towers.

An aluminum Baker platform is used for the main platform, and a custom checker plate aluminum platform is used for the cantilevered section.

Because we are incorporating standard product, the platform must be 30" wide x 6’ long, just like our standard Baker product.

Engineering CERTIFICATION is included in the price.

Approx. weight: 250 lb./structure

Design Delay: The design delay for this project is 2-3 weeks. This delay can vary and is to be confirmed the moment the order is made. After the design, an approval drawing is sent and shall be signed by the customer before starting the production.

Fabrication Delay: This project could be finished within 6-7 weeks after the design approval. This delay can vary and is to be confirmed the moment the design is approved.

Delivery: Transport has been included on the quote.

INSTALLATION is not included in the price. (Anchors not provided as discussed.)


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
12 Aluminum structure 6’ long x 30” wide with cantilevered section 3’ ¼" long x 12’ high total height, as per drawing sent by customer.
1 Shipping & Handling $3840.000.00%$3840.00
Sub Total $61140.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $61140.00