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Invoice Number YI-0006631
Invoice Date February 1, 2022
Due Date February 28, 2022
Total Due $38700.00
Federal Aviation Administration

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WSA Engineering Services

Project: SGD VORTAC Ground Movement

Scope as Follows:

Boring Rig for Soil Sampling: Two exploratory borings to depths of over 50 feet, or the depth it takes to get through the young bay mud and into existing bearing material. One boring would be on the west side of the building near the back where I measured the high point of the building and the another boring on the south/east side of the building near the front where I measured the low point on my survey.

Lab Testing and Measurements: We will install an inclinometer casing in the south/east boring so we could monitor how deep any lateral movement might be to create the soil cracks and also to establish the direction of movement. The lab will also collect soils samples and prepare soil analytics for further examination by our geologist.

Soils and Geological Consultants will provide the following technological services:

· Observe the boring process, collect and record soil samples and deliver said samples to our lab for testing and examination.

· Furnish and install inclinometer. Record and analyze data for further examination.

· Develop in-depth report on site stability, seismology and soil characteristics.

· Provide specific recommendations and assist in the design of new foundation system to withstand anticipated load conditions for the life of our asset.

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1 Boring Rig for Soil Sampling, Lab Testing and Measurements, Soils and Geological Consultant Services $38700.000.00%$38700.00
Sub Total $38700.00
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Total Due $38700.00